Wednesday, August 06, 2014

What changed?

Now that I have my attention. I want to do an experiment to see what changed in the past years, so I'll answer some questions that were posted in June 2007. Let's see what changed in 7 years.

They were answers to 23 questions. I'm answering as I read. Here we go:

1- Available or Single: Table for one please.
2- Best friend: You. Everyone.
3- Cake or Pie: Neither. Knafa probably.
4- Essential Item: سجادة الصلاة في شنطة السفر #شدعوة
5- Favorite Color: Orange
6- Gummi bears or Worms: Neither.
7- Home town: Wherever my heart is at a given time.
8- Indulgence: People watching. Writing.
9- Jaunuary or February: January. Coz it's my birthday and it's colder.
10- Kids: Hello kids!
11- Life: is beautiful.
12- Marriage: an interesting concept, a unique bond.
13- Number of sinblings: 1 lovely energetic girl, 1 creative rocker boy.
14- Orange or Apple: Apple.
15- Phobias: None. Ok maybe insects, but I need to double check.
16- Favorite Quote: إمشي يا روح امك - أنونيموس
17- Reason to smile: No reason.
18- Season: Fall.
19- Tag three people: I don't think anyone is here to tag.
20- Unknown fact about me: In an alternative universe I'm a Buddhist monk.
21- Worst habit: I'm perfect.
22- Your favorite food: Shawarma.
23- Zodiac: Capricorn.

This turned out to be really silly hahaha.
Anyway, I'll go back and read the old answers now and see the difference.
I think I just got older, I can see the enthusiasm in that guy (was 26 at the time). Feels to me like the essence of the spirit is the same, just more grounded now.
That was interesting. Felt like I was having a conversation with myself from 7 years ago. Enlightening in a way.

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